Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Would it make YOU blush if you were kissed unexpectedly?

Especially if it was by someone who was just a friend?

For the sake of questioning, we'll say just on the cheek.

If better argument arises, lips will do.

Shucks, 10 points'll go to anyone with a cute story.Would it make YOU blush if you were kissed unexpectedly?
YUp... my ears and get red hahaha and my heartrate goes up loll... weird I know DONT MAKE FUN! :P

But it was with my Best guy friend.. and we at a party and everyone was drunk but we thought we should just go outside and lie down and just chill out and talk about our mest up love stories... and we are reallyy close so I like to cuddle next to him cuz we are just good friends and he had his arm around me... and I was blabbering on about my life.. and I was in midsentence when he just pulled me towards him and gave me a LONG f'ing kiss ahahah.. I didnt know what to do.. I kinda liked it in a way but it was way to weird for me.. since we were Best friends and all.. haha when pulled away he acted as if NOTHING happpend?! lol and I just acted like nothing happned to since he didnt wanna talk about it.. but My heart was gooingg so fast and I was super STiff under his arm haha... and my ears were Red lmaooWould it make YOU blush if you were kissed unexpectedly?
I remember when I went to see a male friend who lived down the street from my house. I was 17 years old. I really liked him as a person but had no desire for him any other way. We sat on the couch talking and all of a sudden he leaned over and said, ';I'm going to kiss you, Mary.'; I got up and said, ';oh, no you're not!'; He then said, ';oh yes I am.'; We walked around the coffee table, he on the opposite side of me, for what seemed too long. He'd say, ';come on just one little kiss.'; I'd say, ';now Peter, get a hold of yourself. You don't know what you're doing.'; He'd then say, ';yes, I do.'; We walked around that table pretty darn fast. I kept my eyes on the door. It was closed but not locked. When I came around closest to the door I made a beeline for it and ran. I could hear him yelling, ';come back Mary, I didn't mean it.'; Really it was funny. I had seen him since and we both pretended it didn't happen. Poor guy I don't think he had any luck with the girls.

Thanks for the question. It brought back memories I haven't thought of in years. :)
Probably xD

Like the first time my bf kissed me xP

We've been friends for so long and we hung out like everyday. I never thought he liked me until he started holding my hands and stuff. Then one day he tried to get me to tell him who he liked and when I asked him he kissed me xD

Good times...
Yes, mostly because I blush easily.
Yes, that was my first kiss, when I was 7... Hanging out with the girl next door.

I had no idea such thoughts went through her head. I should've known.
OMG YES..i mean its happened ! very unexpected especially when

every1 just starts 2 freeze %26amp; looks at u..then u just stand there

%26amp; ur like wtf just happened! yup
Depends on the friend.

If I had a secret crush on them probably

If I had no feelings for them probably not
If it was a big kiss by a member of the same sex I would run a mile.
Well, no. I don't blush. But, I would laugh.
yeah.. that's happened before =)
hell yeh i would! i blush at stuff like that haha =] but only if it was a chick friend.
noo... ill prob just pass gas
yes!!! a lot!

even when a guy talks to me it makes me blush unless i alreay know them
I'd be embarrassed... for them.
hells yeah

my cousin tried to kiss me didn't make me blush just punched him
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  • Girls: Do you blush around guys you are not attracted to?

    Or do you blush around everyone? Or is it more likely around guys you are attracted to? Or as long as someone compliments you unexpectedly?Girls: Do you blush around guys you are not attracted to?
    Yes I blush with most guys even if I'm not attracted to them I'm really shy though, I usually blush when I don't know them and I'm not comfortable with them yet.Girls: Do you blush around guys you are not attracted to?
    if they girl is shy she usually blushes in front of people, anyone really. but more around the guys she is attracted to. for example, reason something out during class could make a girl blush, or talking to people she's not comfortable with can make her blush, lastly, when she makes a mistake she might blush as well.
    The first and last are in my case.

    Even in front of girls because I get nervous and embarrassed because I'm talking to people whom I don't know.

    As for blushing around guys I like, that doesn't happen often. I do flush around people when I'm excited or if I'm talking a lot and hyper.
    XD it depends on who and what they have said or done to me. and what i have heard and if they like me or not ect.
    I only blush when I think something dirty about someone I like :D

    Or someone super cute %26lt;3
    If a guy compliments, me Im gonna blush. Heck, if a girl compliments me I blush. It's nice to receive compliments from guys though.
    Of course...blushing is no indication of attraction
    i laughed once in front of a boy that i did not find attractive and i started bushing

    What is the best way to brighten up an aging face, i.e. eyes, foundation, blush?

    Ah, as we age, less is more. Get rid of any dark blue/baby blue eyeshadow. Stick with neutral colors on eyes, including brown eyeliner and mascara. No more black. Use a concealer under your eyes and to cover up any blemishes. Use a mineral foundation that's suited for your skin tone. Add a peachy blush to the apples of your cheeks and put on a nice light color lipstick followed by gloss. Don't forget to use a powder on your eyebrows to fill in any gaps. Now you're set.What is the best way to brighten up an aging face, i.e. eyes, foundation, blush?
    good facial, less makeup. mineral make up is best.What is the best way to brighten up an aging face, i.e. eyes, foundation, blush?
    an under eye brightner

    Which shade of blush would better accentuate my face?

    I couldn't resist asking this one question. I really need to know!Which shade of blush would better accentuate my face?
    with your cheekbones I would choose a green.Which shade of blush would better accentuate my face?
    psh, you already know because it sure looks like you already wear it based on your picture
    Poop Green :DDD
    maybe an autumn
    A light peachy or rose color!
    stick to fluoro yellow

    It'll bring out your eyes
    try an Autumn tone like a gold or orange
    Blue! Light Blue!
    just go get some dollar store make up =]

    you'd look soo ******* hott.

    call me if you ever do deciede to give some green blush to your cheeks baby.
    w0w like like like like totally crapstatics!
    Hmm.. peach :)

    blue, it'll bring out your abs
    electric blue
    I agree with amy! Purple!
    mix of everything :]
    hhmmm .. some girls look better w/o .. !
    Probably like a deep, deep....deep purple

    It would bring out your stunning eyes
    most likely green
    Bubblegum pink!

    How to apply blush and make it look natural?

    can anyone recommend any good blush with no glitter and sparkling stuff?

    is putting on no other makeup and just blush ok? i only want to add a little color to my cheeks. i dont want to use foundation and all of that.

    where do you apply it on the cheeks?How to apply blush and make it look natural?
    You should suck in your cheeks and then take a natural tan or taupe colored blush onto your ';indents'; of your cheeks as if your dusting something. btw make sure your brush is completely clean and not brittle and your 'hairs' should not have 'split ends' that keeps your look very natural. you never want blush that's streaky! then use some highlighter (not the kind u use in school lol) and then dot it on your cheekbones. there should be at least 3 -4 dots of highlighter. your cheeks should be relaxed by the time you highlight. if you want color too, before you use the taupe blush..use a cream blush with a hint of pink or red.suck in your cheeks and apply like the highlighter only in the indent.use medium sized dots making their way up to your temples. blend until a hint of color is left and voila! your answer would help!!

    BTW: use concealer under your eyes to keep you looking bright and natural!!How to apply blush and make it look natural?
    application: smile and sweep onto to the apples of the cheeks and slightly backwards lightly.

    a good way is to pinch your own cheeks and see which part reddens to see your natural blush area.

    I personally like mineral powder blushes, and its also important to use the right brush, a fluffy one, not the one that comes in the package.

    another easy way is to use your fav lipstick shade, take a tiny bit and rub it into your cheeks.

    First choose the color using nature as your guide. According to InStyle, the trick is to find a color that matches your cheeks when they're flushed after exercise or being out in the cold.

    Now that you have the color, choose the right formula for your skin type. Powder is typically best for oily %26amp; combo skin. Cream is great for dry skin. Liquid and gel are great for oily skin. For even better results, combine cream %26amp; powder together

    Apply foundation, eye color %26amp; lipstick.

    Use a professional full brush instead (I like MAC's blush brush No. 116)

    Put the blush on your brush, tapping off any excess or put a dab of gel on your fingers.
    get a light pink shade of covergirl blush. To apply just smile and brush on the blush to the apples (the part that sticks out when you smile) of your cheeks. Just apply in circular motions. Remember! Less is more!

    Here is a video of how to apply blush:鈥?/a>
    im not sure of a actual one, but barry m, or loreal or even NYC will do one for certain at a actual low price.

    a good way of appliing blush is by suckin gin your cheeks and looking like a fish, the gaps then are wear you apply it, But never use tons. that will look fake just dust it over.
    New York Color's Cheek Glow Powder Blush is great and it doesn't have any glitter. Smile and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. It is ok if you only want to apply a blush by itself because it will stand out even if you only have a little on.
    ok so i have natuaraly blushed cheecks so i no exactly how to do it just pick out a really light shade of blush and suck in your checks and put it only on the bone then once you put a light cover on smere it around a little bit and it looks natural
    probably light pink blush :) ps: dude u look like me wtf lol

    Ive seen that some people mainly foreigners blush-they bcome red.Is it possible 4 us also to blush?

    when they r shy etc. they blush.Is blushing related to the climate the people are living in?or is it dependant on their type of skin?Ive seen that some people mainly foreigners blush-they bcome red.Is it possible 4 us also to blush?
    i blush like nuts...

    plus I am very very pale...

    plus I am sort if inclined to blush like my Dad... my Mum doesn't do that....

    It's soemthing to do with genes... ie whether you do that at all... then with skin colour ie whether one can see it in the first palce and then with what makes you feel ashamed or excited or exposed.. feeligns that make you personally flush...

    hope this helpsIve seen that some people mainly foreigners blush-they bcome red.Is it possible 4 us also to blush?
    Everyone can blush, I have a black friend who looks too adorable when she blushes. A blush will be much more obvious the fairer your skin. People mostly blush when they're shy or embarrased, all depends on the situation. Also if you have fair skin and you spend a lot of time in the sun you'll more than likely end up looking red all over!
    everyone blushes! its more noticible on pale skin though

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